Wild Garlic Salt

Can simply be used with onions and olive oil for general cooking.

Use as a rub on meat especially for lamb.

Sprinkled on sweet potato fries or roast potatoes.

Can be used as a cure or marinade for fish.

Use as a topping on bruschetta and pizza.

Wild Garlic Oil

General Cooking

Salad Dressing

Use as a base rub for meat and fish.

Wild Garlic Pesto

Blend with pasta and mushrooms for a vegan delight.

Can also be used with prawns and chicken.

Also as a topping on garlic bread.

Rosemary Salt 

Can be mixed with olive oil for a lamb rub.

Mixed with olive oil for a coating on roast potatoes.

Sloe Gin

Serving suggestion

Mulled Sloe Gin

Equal parts of apple and orange juice​ with a bag of mulled wine spices

Warm through a sauce pan for 2 minutes

Then add the Sloe Gin for a gorgeous festive tipple.​​

50ml Sloe Gin​

150ml Apple Juice

50ml-100ml Orange Juice

1 cinnamon stick

1 bag of festive mulled wine spice

Sloe Gin Negroni

15ml Sloe Gin​

15ml Campari

15ml Sweet Vermouth

Fill a glass 3/4 of ice​

Pour of the ice with your spirits

Stir gentle until fully chilled

Garnish with a orange twist

Sloe Brandy

Serving Suggestions

On it's own​

Over ice​

25ml measure in a tall glass with ice topped with prosecco 

See Sloe Gin recipes for more

Elderflower Gin

GTI (Gin & Tonic over Ice)

25ml of Elderflower Gin

50-75ml fever-tree Tonic