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A Forager's Story


When it all started...

Entrepreneurs can often trace the roots of their enterprise back to an early age and in Danny Moore’s case it goes back all the way to the age of 10.

Wirral-based Danny grew up in Essex and, as a young boy, he would

often accompany his dad and his brother on foraging expeditions

into the county’s hedgerows in search of the magical sloe berry

(prunus spinosa).

That early introduction to the art of foraging for this unassuming

little fruit was to shape his adult life in ways the child could not have

imagined. But it wasn’t until he was in his 30s that this early education

would present itself as a business idea.

Now he runs a growing business called Forager’s Fancy which came

about after he identified a growing demand for organic, sustainable

produce. Now, using wild ingredients, he produces pesto, cordials,

liqueurs, gin and vinaigrettes. Currently working from home, he is

now looking to identify a location for a small production facility.


Recalling his early foraging days in Essex, Danny said: “To begin with, I didn’t really understand the attraction of the sloe berry. Although they are members of the plum family, they are sour even when ripe. They also have a large stone for such a small fruit and are very prickly. Slim pickings, or so I thought.


“I have very fond memories of my dad’s sloe gin and the bar where it used to sit. There was no science involved in our method just a heap of sloes, some sugar and then the gin. My dad would then shake vigorously and wait until the sugar dissolved. I’m not sure exactly how long but we were always ready for Christmas.

The pesto is just one of a diverse range of products that he makes by hand. Others include pineapple weed cordial (which apparently tastes like cream soda), elderflower gin/liqueur  and cordial, fig leaf liqueur, wild garlic oil, rosemary vinaigrette and of course sloe gin and now also sloe brandy.

“I have taken inspiration from various sources and to this day my old mate John and I mull over different recipe ideas,” said Danny. “They don’t always work as planned but if you don’t try you will never know.


It is truly a pleasure to offer random samples of my produce to visitors and punters alike. “The beauty of many of the foraged ingredients is that you can use different parts of the plant for different recipes and sometimes use the same ingredient twice. For example, I use the wild garlic leaf for pesto and oil and then the flower in my vinaigrette.


“One of my favourites is the Boozy fruit and nut which is made using the sloes that have been infusing in the brandy for a year. I then blend this with quality dark chocolate and walnuts for a festive treat.”


Danny also offers to send out freshly foraged ingredients with recipe ideas. He added: “No two years are the same, but I think its true to say that you can truly forage all year round and make the most of your local environment.

“If nothing else I think it teaches us to respect our natural habitat and in the case of urban foraging really opens our eyes to a whole different world.”

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